upcoming projects

What am I working on? Well, this is where you can keep up to date! I'm always out in the streets doing photography and doing portraits, but there's always a BIG project that is going on in the background. Here's where you can find out about what's going on!


The History of Skateboarding Through Portraits

This is going to be a LONG project. I intend on making a book that goes through the 40+ year of skateboarding through portraits. There are over 150 people that I want to do portraits of for this book. It will all be shot on ONE camera with ONE lens and with ONE type of film. Additionally, all proceeds from this book will be donated to charity (American Cancer Society, Children's Hospital, Make a Wish). If you'd like donate to getting this book being made please click follow the gofundme link below!

Town Park for the World

Town Park is my local skatepark and there are number of people who have dedicated their lives to making it a better place. It started out as a few piece of wood, but as morphed into a beautiful park where people of all ages congregate. This will be another portrait series and I'll hopefully have a showing in Spring of 2017. Stay tuned!